Sport Premium

Our vision for PE at Bosvigo is to equip all children with the interest, enthusiasm and fundamental skills to make sport and physical activity both accessible and desirable to them in future life. We truly believe there to be a sport or active pursuit that will capture the interest of every child and hope all children will leave our school having discovered such an interest or passion. We believe PE can be a powerful vehicle to instill and reinforce the personal qualities we look to encourage in all our learners: confidence, enthusiasm, resilience, independence, dedication, teamwork, leadership and a love of learning.

We aim to show this through measurable and sustained improvement in extra-curricular participation and competitive engagement, underpinned by high-quality teaching that ultimately encourages children to opt for an active and healthy lifestyle both in and out of school.

Please click on the links below to see how we use our allocated Sport Premium funding to enhance our provision of sport and physical activity at Bosvigo.