Collection Arrangements

The following information sets out Bosvigo's procedures with regards to the collection of children at the end of the school day: 


Dismissal of children

At the end of the day, each class will line up and be led from their class by their teacher to their exit point. From there, the teacher will dismiss the children one-by-one as the collecting adults come forward. Children must ensure that they wait to be dismissed by the class teacher, even if they have already spotted their collecting adult in the playground. This ensures that the teacher has consciously handed each child over. 

Whilst the end of the day is an ideal time for parents to ask teachers a quick question or pass on information, we would ask that parents and carers wait until the teacher has dismissed their class fully before initiating a conversation. Thank you.


Children walking home without adults

There are many older children who walk home without an adult collecting them. In order to do this, parents must complete a Walking Home Consent form on the School Gateway. This consent is shared with parents and carers of children in Years 5 and 6 at the start of each academic year and is available to families of children in Year 4 on request. Children who are walking home must still ensure that they have been dismissed on the playground by their class teacher. 


Late collection

It is quite common for parents and carers to get held up at work or delayed by traffic on their way to collect their children, so teachers will wait on the playground with any uncollected children for 10 minutes. If the child remains uncollected, the teacher will bring the child to the office and stay with them whilst a call is made to determine the collection arrangements. If collection is to be delayed, the child may be taken to Wraparound until their parent or carer arrives. 


What to do when you arrange for someone else to collect your child

On occasions where you arrange for someone other than a key contact to collect your child (e.g. another child's parent), it is essential that this information is shared either with your child's class teacher or with the school office, who will then relay this to the class teacher. Please ensure that collection information is shared either in person or by phone, as we cannot guarantee that an email or Seesaw message will be read within the necessary timeframe. Collection information will be recorded on the classroom whiteboard to ensure it is available to teachers at the end of the day.

If you are asked by another parent to collect their child from school, please be advised that we will need to have received notification of this from the child's parent before we are able to hand them over. If a teacher is informed of an unexpected collection arrangement by a collecting adult at the end of the day, they will seek to get confirmation of this with the parent before handing the child over.