Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage at Bosvigo School is a place of learning, adventures and discovery. Our aim is to excite our children, making learning irresistible, full of curiosity and wonder, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills, ambition and self-regulation that they will need as they embark on their onward learning journey through the school and beyond.

Our booked-based curriculum enables children to investigate 6 big questions throughout their year:

What makes me, me?
Where else is there in the world?
What is beyond our planet?
How can we make a difference?
What is the circle of life?
What is beyond the land?

In Class 1 and Class 2, we provide the children with as many first-hand experiences as possible. We believe that outdoor learning is a wonderful way for children to learn where their engagement levels are always high. It promotes the holistic development of children and teaches life skills such as resilience, confidence, independence and creativity. Our ‘Forest School Friday’ encourages children to be curious about the world around them and teaches new skills that just could not happen in an indoor classroom or within our school grounds. Here we explore, learn and play. We watch and experience the changing seasons; listen and watch the wildlife; make dens; talk to our friends; create artwork and much more!


Children are generally taught three sessions a day: phonics, maths and topic. These sessions are as pacey as possible to harness the concentration of our learners and the rest of the time the children are, on the whole, following their own interests, interacting with their friends or creating something imaginative and unique - learning! We have regular carpet times and story times which are interwoven throughout our day.


In addition to the aims of the Foundation Stage Profile, we recognise the extreme importance that reading plays in a child’s academic success, confidence and ability to empathise and access worlds outside of their own. Therefore, to ensure children succeed we use Read Write Inc (RWI), which is a systematic, consistent and rigorous synthetic phonics programme, as soon as children enter Bosvigo’s Foundation stage setting.


In the Foundation Class at Bosvigo School the staff use 'Tapestry Online Learning Journeys' to record, track and celebrate children's progress across their Foundation year. Tapestry is used to capture each individual child's experiences as well as used to monitor development and learning.  This unique journal is shared online with parents, who are able to see special moments and view their child's progress.