We recognise the extreme importance that reading plays in a child’s academic success, confidence and ability to empathise and access worlds outside of their own. Therefore, we teach children to read using Read Write Inc (RWI), which is a systematic, consistent and rigorous synthetic phonics programme, as soon as children enter Bosvigo’s Foundation Stage setting.
At Bosvigo reading continues to play a critical role in the delivery of the English curriculum in KS1 and KS2. We understand that early phonics success remains critical in nurturing a child’s positive attitude towards reading. In addition to this, we develop healthy reading behaviours and attitudes to ensure both reading enjoyment and attainment are achieved. Children at Bosvigo talk passionately, knowledgeably and with a sense of pride about their reading.
To help parents support their children with reading at home we run workshops for parents in Foundation and Key Stage 1. We have several intervention programmes in place to support any children in need of additional support. Pupils in need of extra support with reading are carefully monitored and supported until they reach their age-related expectation.
Children are encouraged to read widely at home and to borrow books from the class library.  Teachers read carefully selected books to the class and model what it means to love reading for pleasure.  We try to encourage a love of reading through events like celebrating world book day, trips to the local library and author visits.
Bosvigo Reading Spine
Please click on the links below to take a look at our reading spines for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Our reading spines for Key Stage 2 will follow shortly.